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About Us

About Us

The Company

Introducing Alcon Indústria e Comércio de Alimentos Desidratados Ltda.

Alcon is a Brazilian industrial company with 38 years of experience in manufacturing complete balanced diets and supplements for small pets.

Located in the Southern State of Santa Catarina, Alcon is manufacturing a complete line of high quality foods for ornamental fishes, birds, reptiles and rodents as well as water tests and conditioners and medicine products.

Alcon's products are submitted to a strict quality control at each step of the production process , since raw materials reception to final packaging and storage. Products and packaging meet all requirements set by the Sanitary Brazilian Administration regarding manufacturing process and traceability. Packaging process includes sealing and automatic printing of manufacture and expiry dates and batch number at filling lines outlets. Samples of raw material and manufactured products are constantly checked by Alcon´s laboratory as a part of a quality control process that includes critical points analysis and prevention of any risk of contamination.

Always focused on innovation, Alcon is leading an intensive policy of research and development that allowed the company to maintain its market leadership in Brazil and expand to new markets abroad. Alcons's own team of biologists is constantly working in developing new products adapted to small pets specific needs. Research and development of new products and quality control and improvement are remaining company´s number one priorities.

Alcons is offering complete technical assistance to its foreign distributors including training sessions for sellers and full administrative back up all along the product registration process.

Through its web site and social medias (Facebook), Alcon listens to its customers, answers questions and provides them with all necessary informations and tips they could need to ensure their love ones an healthy growth and a lot of happiness and well-being.

Alcon because our friends deserve the best!